Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Now we move

We have decided to move out of this current flat because of mould issue ,cold during winter and expensive rent. Contract finishes 8th July. Next property that we rent will only be available in early AUgust because of flood problem and now doing repairing work.

Four weeks gap in between so been looking for roof over us. Found one place in Kent but not suitable for Isaac and not safe. Church friends have been kind enough to give us shelter.praise the lord!

Albert classmate also kindly let us use their garage to store out belongings so we can only carry luggage to church friends place( hopefully).

First round of moving piano and filing cabinet gone in the afternoon. More packing after dinner,managed to pack 11 boxes at 1130. Albert is very brave to move those boxes all by himself to the garage at 1230am midnight in addition to him working full day tomorrow.

My life is so interesting

Monday, 20 June 2011

Hard earned money

Had a bridal makeup and hair trial on Saturday. I searched high and low for a babysitter as Albert had to work as well.Thank God a friend of mine is happy to help me out.Isaac has only met her briefly long time ago in a party. I was hoping everything would be fine .....

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Striking the balance

Been really exhausted recently, been surviving on 5- 6 hours of sleep
on average everyday. Day time is with isaac, and night time is busy
with replying business clients email, research, advertisting, updating
website etc..

due to the exhaustion and early morning waking i.e. 6 am of Isaac, has
been impatient and irritable.

Plus Isaac has begin to show his dissatisfaction and protest by
screaming on top of crying and manipulative at the same time.

Been learning and asking other mothers how to deal with is, and am
learning the "cold" treatment way by ignoring him and it definitely

Having said that, Isaac has also been fussy with his food and i
shouted at him and walked away when he spit out his food. I just
shouted once and walked away to the kitchen to cool myself down.

After that Isaac came to apologise by stroking me with his little
hand.. Aw... makes me feel so bad.

After that incident, i also learnt NOT TO SHOW MY TEMPER to my son. My
friend has been encouraging by sending me this link so i can read
about we don't even hit nasty people that we deal with at work , so
why do we hit our son or raise our voice, especially they are most
precious, closest person to us on earth. Well said...

I also learnt that this will negatively impact them.


1. show my temper/outburst to Isaac
2. Will not hit him for minor things

Another mother as me to be "generous" : generous is allowing him to
mess up my carpet, my table etc.. and do not restrict him, because
everything to him is play.

Solution is to walk away from the situation when i realised i was
about to burst, and remain silent. If the son is being clingy and is
screaming, walk away, ignore him, no eye contact until he calms down.
Soon, he will learn that by screaming he will not get the attention
that he wants.

To sum up :
1. Say it in my heart: i will not show my temper to my beloved son
2. Warn the children that you are tired and you are about to burst
3. take the opportunity to teach the children to be understanding
4. give children "Cold treatment"
5. Appropriate in showing temper
6. Change your environment., smile to your child

About striking balance, i also read this line :

"If you are a full time mum, remember your first and foremost
responsiblity is to bring up your child, do not waste the time with
him because to them it's their everything "

I have lost sight of this as i have been too busy with other things.
Thank God it's not too late, tomorrow, i can have a new beginning... i
will do it better tomorrow

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I am a super woman

At times like this I have to pat myself in the shoulder and say to myself :well done Irene!

I am a mother to a super active 19m toddler who dance on a piano chair ,climb up to the dinner table all by himself,carry a lightweight chair so he can climb on it to reach the light switch , get a stool by himself so he can reach an adult size screwdriver to name a few of his capabilities

A son who regularly wakes up at 6am despite every single method I use

Plus a full time Christian theology student Husband who had never ending reading ,essays,exam

Plus my business doing my own website,online advertising , updating websites , updating Facebook page with makeup tips,organise childcare so I can do my make up job and make up trials, reply clients emails and enquiries, travelling all over London and sometimes outside London for jobs,reading to keep myself updated ....

Plus cracking my brain what to cook for my fussy son ,my student husband ,tidying the mess that my son make,never ending washing of dishes,clothes ,folding clothes ,vacuum,

Plus flat viewing,packing (again since our last move last October), organising which is to throw and keep ..... and organising our moving of house,

oh please tell me I an doing well ,by the grace of God who had been so good to me

Monday, 13 June 2011

Still on a madness journey

lack of Sleep, lack of food, = Irritated mummy...

Poor Isaac... i lost my patience and i felt guilty.

He knew he has upset me and when i asked him to say sorry to me, he
stroked me.

I find i am always raising my voice when i try to stop him doing
dangerous stunt.

Lord, Give me more patience and gentleness !

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Parenting MADNESS

Been manic these few months, since March i started my own career in
LONDON BRIDAL makeup and hair.

Juggling career and super active 19 months Isaac is almost impossible,
PLUS he has been waking up at 5 or 6 am recently. By the time i put
him to bed, and replying client queries etc at night, my normal
sleeping time is 12 midnight. So i have been surviving on 5 hours on
average recently..

Hope Isaac will wake up at 7 am Soon...

Monday, 6 June 2011

Chinese Makeup Artist

London Chinese Bridal Makeup Artist, click HERE to see more of her work 

Spring Wedding... Lovely couple
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