Monday, 26 September 2011

Nursery search

probably shopping is a better word. Been shopping on average one nursery per week.
. Sorry Isaac, i still haven't found one that i like , one that i am happy to put you in for 2 days a week. Come to think of it, i really don't have the heart to put you in a nursery Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 pm. I feel that i have so little time left for you.

Been to a montessori this morning. It felt like an education factory. Children were not happy, not smiley at all. They were very much suppressed in to "order and independence". "Here, we encourage the children to be independent..... " , "by the time they leave this place at the age of 4 , they will know digit 10 to 100, and multiplication, says the manager, introducing their factory.

So what? knowledge acquisition is not difficult for children, since their brain can absorb anything and everything.

What is important is i want children to be children. Not sitting in a classroom like students, telling teacher that today is "Monday" etc... who cares what day is today? I am a child, please treat me like one.

Very sad...

Sorry Isaac... this is definitely not the place that i want you to be, although this school definitely scores very high on the national OFSTED report.

Who cares?

i want my child to be happy and have childhood.

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