Wednesday, 14 September 2011

August Update

I have been visiting nurseries for Isaac but haven't found one that i
like. You know about women instinct, i can analyse lots with my brain
but something in my heart just doesn't feel right. isaac is a good
company now that he is learning to speak and amuse himself and me in
his own way. We are planning to go to HK/Malaysia in December and
January. Searching for cheap deals now.
We just moved to this house in August. This house is like canaan land,
two fruitful apple trees, one pear tree, some blackberries. We have
been picking lots of apple, making apple jam, making apple cake. The
garden is lovely. Picking apple tree is an activity for isaac and me.
When friends come over, we just picked from the tree and served the
apple. Such a luxury isn't it?
In front of our house, there is this huge park and playground. So
everyday, i bring Isaac to exhaust his energy. I made lots of friends
in the playground, talking to mum and making friends. My PR skills
have definitely improved since becoming a mother :P Also thank God
that i found a bible study group in a local church with creche. The
first week was not so good as isaac screamed and cried for me. So he
was with me but i completed the bible study on discipline.
We are also in the midst of writing letters and dispute the £600
claim from our previous landlord. We touched up the wall, out of good
intention la, same paint but different texture. Not obvious to naked
eye, but landlord fussy. So we are disputing.

Been very busy and fulfilled. Happy days !

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