Saturday, 2 July 2011

Superwoman 2

Days have been manic that I knocked off into sleep at the same time as Isaac at 9pm all the way till morning 7am. Even that I still feed tired during the day.i think my lack of sleep and proper eating times have accumulated over a year. Two nights of early nights will not cure my long term lethargic overnight.

House is in a mess.have moved piano and two big filing cabinets and 10 moves of things so far. Worth mentioning is that Albert moved those 10 boxes at 12 30am all by himself because he has to work during the day.Big items are our of the way but it's the small stuff that takes the most time. Also, we have to archive things tonight so those things we can put in our old house garage.

Isaac is 20 months now and is becoming more demanding. Constant attention with ongoing stimulation,short concentration span, everlasting energy, ongoing whinging really drives me up the wall.Dont mind genuine cry but can't stand whinging and manipulative cry with crocodile tears.oh did I mention screaming too?

On top of that,I have mountain top clothes waiting for me to fold,Isaac clothes to sort according to his age,basketful of clothes to be washed.

To sum it all I can't cope with housework. It's an irony that I never needed to do housework when I was young now I have to do it all when I am old abs tired.sigh that's life man.

Guess superwoman is nor that super afterall is just tough !

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