Monday, 13 June 2011

Still on a madness journey

lack of Sleep, lack of food, = Irritated mummy...

Poor Isaac... i lost my patience and i felt guilty.

He knew he has upset me and when i asked him to say sorry to me, he
stroked me.

I find i am always raising my voice when i try to stop him doing
dangerous stunt.

Lord, Give me more patience and gentleness !

1 comment:

  1. shyan yih4:52 am

    *pat pat on your back*

    your doing great girl :)
    at least you have not resorted to whacking.....which i am doing cause it's really stressful to have to keep shouting at my girl to stop climbing and doing dangerous stunt....but then, the doctor says that is what kids do, but then, i'm too tired to have to supervise her at all times :p
    sigh, sure ain't easy being a parent, thank God hubby is helping out a lot these days or i'll go crazy.


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