Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Now we move

We have decided to move out of this current flat because of mould issue ,cold during winter and expensive rent. Contract finishes 8th July. Next property that we rent will only be available in early AUgust because of flood problem and now doing repairing work.

Four weeks gap in between so been looking for roof over us. Found one place in Kent but not suitable for Isaac and not safe. Church friends have been kind enough to give us shelter.praise the lord!

Albert classmate also kindly let us use their garage to store out belongings so we can only carry luggage to church friends place( hopefully).

First round of moving piano and filing cabinet gone in the afternoon. More packing after dinner,managed to pack 11 boxes at 1130. Albert is very brave to move those boxes all by himself to the garage at 1230am midnight in addition to him working full day tomorrow.

My life is so interesting

1 comment:

  1. hang in there girl, just a while more and this too shall pass, and Isaac will be more independant and you'll all have more rest.


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