Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I am a super woman

At times like this I have to pat myself in the shoulder and say to myself :well done Irene!

I am a mother to a super active 19m toddler who dance on a piano chair ,climb up to the dinner table all by himself,carry a lightweight chair so he can climb on it to reach the light switch , get a stool by himself so he can reach an adult size screwdriver to name a few of his capabilities

A son who regularly wakes up at 6am despite every single method I use

Plus a full time Christian theology student Husband who had never ending reading ,essays,exam

Plus my business doing my own website,online advertising , updating websites , updating Facebook page with makeup tips,organise childcare so I can do my make up job and make up trials, reply clients emails and enquiries, travelling all over London and sometimes outside London for jobs,reading to keep myself updated ....

Plus cracking my brain what to cook for my fussy son ,my student husband ,tidying the mess that my son make,never ending washing of dishes,clothes ,folding clothes ,vacuum,

Plus flat viewing,packing (again since our last move last October), organising which is to throw and keep ..... and organising our moving of house,

oh please tell me I an doing well ,by the grace of God who had been so good to me

1 comment:

  1. You definitely ARE a superwoman! :)


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