Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Isaac's 16m development

Isaac is in his 16m.  The greatest achievement when it comes to speech is when you said :"bu yao" , meaning don't want in mandarin when i asked you whether you wanted milk. At first, i thought i was just coincidence, but after few occasions, i can now say that your proper word, besides "mum mum" meaning food is bu yao. I am quite pleased.

You are very into books these 2 weeks, since returning from Malaysia. Every single day, the moment you are awake, you will bring a book to me and read it together.

Seven weeks in grandma house , you have learnt what is fish, birds, flowers, longan and dog. The reason is because grandma has all these in her garden. Also, lots of motorists in Kuala Lumpur and now whenever we see motorcycle in the book, you will raise your fist, as if you are driving a motorcycle and goes " boom boom", SO CUTE!!!! I have yet to capture that in a video.

These two days, you have learnt to 笑 , when i mention that word, you will smile like a girl, super cute. Check out the video below.

Perhaps the greatest advancement in this month is your speech. I can see that you are very sensitive to speech and try to follow what i say.

Another interesting event is the learning of sign language. Auntie Li Wei has kindly given us few DVDs on signing and you know the milk sign and try to do the shoe sign.

You are such a cheerful contented baby that it's such a joy to be with you. You are a very good entertainer as you always entertain mummy and daddy and yourself!

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