Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Blog writing is like running a marathon... having a stamina for a long
run requires lots of determination and discipline. Looking at the
frequency of my blogs, i can probably describe myself as random and no
where near discipline.

After 7 weeks of holiday in KL, i am now back in my flat. I would not
say London as i seldom step out of the house. This is for various
reason: cold weather, Isaac's nose seem to be forever running, not
having a driving license in UK, not having friends my age to visit
during the day.

Life in UK is more or less like this to me. My brain is constantly
thinking of activities or things to do with Isaac so to keep him

I have started sleeping early since returning to KL, which i think is
for good. For the past one year, i have been surviving everyday with
5-6 hours of sleep, despite the fact that Isaac sleeps for 11 hours
through the night. I had so much that i wanted to do to entertain
myself that psychologically i didn't want to sleep.

This time, it's different. I tend to sleep at 10 pm everyday so i have
the energy to wake up at 6 am with Isaac and go through the day with
him. For another selfish reason, is to stop my wrinkles from growing
and to keep me looking young.

Cooking for Isaac is a challenge as he is teething, 6 teeth at the
same time. I cooked mashed potato twice in 10 days and Isaac didn't
like it. I tasted it and found that it tasted funny. At first i
thought it was the broccoli, then i thought it was the potato. Albert
bought a new pack of potato and it was still the same.

In the end, Albert realised my potato was not 100% cooked. How could
it be? I used pressure cooker, only thing is not long enough. It was
soft... and i took it for granted that it was cook.

Conclusion: i am obviously not an experienced chef in cooking potato!

trying mashed potato again tonight, only that it is definitely cooked!

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