Tuesday, 4 January 2011

7 days in

Just realised i did not stepped out of my house for whole 7 days. I CAN'T believe this.

After 3 christmas party, both Albert and Isaac fell ill. Poor isaac this is the first time he had fallen so ill. Fever for 3 days and the worst is his cough. The nose is non stop running and when he coughs, it's as if he is coughing his whole lungs out. His cough last very long. Poor boy, because of that he couldn't sleep the whole night, he breathe with his mouth.

So, i slept on the floor with him in his room. When his fever was high, i stripped off his clothes and wiped him with warm water.

I have to say Isaac is a very very good boy. Although he was so unwell, he didn't make much fuss. Sometimes when he is awake in the middle of the night, he will smile, and play with his toy, wander a while and then go back to sleep.

Of course he is always wanting to be carried and hugged, but overall he is not bad, even in his sickness.

Because of that, we didn't go to church. That is the reason i was in the house for the whole 7 days.

Now that my groceries is delivered to my doorstep, there is not much reason to go out, except for church and playgroup. With such weather and winter virus, it's safer to stay in, thus explain the stay in.

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