Saturday, 18 December 2010

Isaac at 13 months- Part 2 of 2

Isaac's motor skills

For a 13 months toddler, i would say Isaac's motor skills is quite good. He climbs on everything, from the chair to table ( of course i stopped him). This also means more supervision for me.

He is like a stuntman nowadays. Watch the video and you know what i mean. He is not afraid of height, in fact, the higher the better.
We bought him a chair on his first birthday, but instead of sitting ON the chair, he climbs ON to the chair then to the table. He always stands on the chair.

Isaac's stunt no. 1:

He climbs up the box and stands on the box.
Not only that, he also climbs on his rocking reindeer.

Isaac's stunt no. 2 :

He climbs on a luggage ( placed horizontally). Yes i do let him practice... i watch him closely.
He doesn't play the piano, he stands on the piano chair.

Isaac's stunt no. 3

He climbs on boxes, sit on the box, and then get down on his own.
He walks everywhere in the house, all the rooms, kitchen, living room. That's how he passes his time daily. He just wander around the house, i can think of the malay word "lepak" for him.

His other favourite past time is to pull his aeroplane, bus, pot lid. I modify his toy according to his needs. Since now he is into pulling, i tied strings onto his toy so he can pull along, including the pot lid. I also added a spoon on the pot lid so it makes some sound as he pulls.

He loves playing catching and hide and seek with us. He will invite us to play by looking at us then walks away really fast, hoping we will catch him from behind.

Now he is clearly more interested in books than he used to. He will sit down at the reading corner, and flip the books. When he does that, i will quickly go to him and read the books to him. We bought a collection of lift-the-flap books which becomes Isaac;s favourite.

I like playing with Isaac at this age. Like Ai wei said, i hope we can freeze his age for a little longer, before the "uniqueness" and "personality" kicks in.


  1. He's sooooo cute and funny!! He's performing on the chair for you all :) Very advanced motor skills as can already run.. Definitely wish to freeze the time now. They're so fun right?

  2. Ya definitely agree with what you said ai wei..


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