Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Isaac at 13 months- Part 1 of 2

Isaac's comprehension

As i read my friend's blog on the list of words that her toddler could understand and respond to at the age of 13 months, i start to observe my son.

As a result, i realised he does not respond to A LOT of words that i speak. I kept repeating myself the same simple sentence and he kept doing his own thing.

For now, i can only say he responds to this : 给妈咪 which means give mummy.
In swimming lessons, as his comprehension is not there yet, compared to other toddlers who are much older than him, 20 months old and above, we were asked to join him in a younger class.

In all honesty, i do get worried. Why isn't my son responding to simple words or instructions? Why is he not uttering any words. Whenever i think of this, i am being reminded of my reflection that i wrote earlier on "how much do i worth".

It does NOT matter. I blame the multi language that we speak at home. I speak mandarin and Albert speaks cantonese to him.

Isaac also yell and cry a lot when he doesn't like something or i am not giving in to his request. I told him no screaming no yelling, and of course he does not understand.
the state of my son during mealtimes...
sometimes he is cleaner than this

He keeps throwing food from his tray and turn the plate as shown in photo on left.

I raised my voice and he smiled at me.

I frowned at him and he giggled. He thinks my frown is funny.

I hit his wrist ( slightly ), he scratched his wrist, as if it's itchy.

 H.e  d.o.e.s  n.o.t  understand me.

I think parenting is about patience. Every child is different and they develop at different pace.

For now, i will keep signing as much as i can. That's Isaac at 13 months for me... lots of patience ...

As to why i allow my son to feed himself and make such a big mess, the reason is that i believe he enjoys his food more when he is involved rather than passively being fed by me, and he gets to practice his pincer grasp, which i am sure is very skilled by now.


  1. shyanyih8:11 am

    Don't worry, my girl is 2 and has a lot of catching up to do too. cant talk much yt and cant understand a lot yet

  2. shyan yih: thanks.. you are always so encouraging!


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