Thursday, 23 December 2010

Birthday Celebration

This year celebrated my birthday as a family, albert, myself and Isaac, who is 13 months and 3 weeks on my birthday.

We drove all the way to New Malden ( about 2 hours drive per trip) to have a Korean cuisine. That was the exact same place that we went last year on my birthday too, with my mom from Malaysia. We had our meal at Goong, it was very good.

After meal, we walked along the high street, buying Korean groceries, bought some toys for Isaac. It was raining, poor Isaac stucked in his pushchair while we shopped around.

We had a good day, as a family. I bought simple 2 piece puzzle for Isaac, which is too young for him for now. He runs away with one or two pieces of the puzzle, walked around the house and left it somewhere.

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