Saturday, 20 November 2010

Your B.I.G. popping Stomach

Isaac, You are such a big eater. I always wonder where the fat goes. A bowl of porridge, adult portion, whole apple for desert with yoghurt, PLUS 6 oz of milk, not including those pulling and tugging daddy mummy for their dinner too. You actually cry when we do not give you our food, although you already had your two course dinner! 

You have been self-feeding since ten months, that i don't find the need to feed you. Ten minutes and you finished your meal. Daddy can't stand the sight of the messiness, so it's mummy who feed you, and clean after you.I guess being able to stand the sight of your mess is a talent that mummy has, (hopefully not the only one). 

I don't think that you are that messy, for a toddler who feed himself the whole bowl of porridge (with hand at this stage). Not much is left on the floor since we cut out the legs from your high chair, and you can come out on your own after your meal.You also wear plastic bib that can hold the food that you dropped from your mouth. This week, you are able to place the food that you grabbed with your hand and put it in your spoon before it reaches your mouth. It's an encouragement to mummy,

Needless to say, you eat a lot and you poo A LOT too. Mummy feels like a nappy changing machine. One average, you poo twice a day, on heavy meal days, you poo 3 times. 

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