Thursday, 11 November 2010

We have moved to the Countryside

After living in zone 2 of London all this while, i didn't expect that i will like to live in countryside.

After our move early October, all of us, Isaac, Albert and I find that life here is much more relaxing, a lot more green.

God's creation is definitely the best therapy ever.

We had a family day out at Ruislip Lido great day, but very very cold, about 5 degree.

Isaac came in very close to swan... he wasn't afraid.. but i was a little afraid of them..

I like the feel of this photo.. so cool..
The real thing is much much beautiful than what a lens can capture
Yes definitely my favourite photo of Isaac


  1. shyan yih4:05 am

    wow.....that's just soooo wonderful :)
    i really do miss UK after coming back to M'sia. there are just no wonderful parks here to bring my girl for walks. and it's free. a friend just told me the other day that, in UK, you can walk out of the house and not use a single cent. u can go for walks and parks are free. but the moment you step out of your house in M'sia, you'll need to use money already, ie. petrol, parking fees, cause you can't really walk much here.
    do enjoy yourselves ya at your new place. it's really nice to stay out of town in UK cause the air is fresh and you really get wonderful scenery, ahhh.....i can just imagine walking in lake district already ;)

  2. yikyu3:33 am

    Finally you found the fun living in countryside, good luck my friend!!!


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