Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Tried but FaiLED

I have tried few activities with Isaac but failed. Failed is defined in this context as Isaac showing frustration and run away, or cried, or Isaac eating it.

Case 1:  Flour and water
I read from other mums that flour is a good material for toddler to explore because

  • it's edible
  • you can blow it with straw
  • you can add water and the child can see that it changes consistency
I was convinced. So i tried. However, being a chinese mum, i wasn't brave enough to allow Isaac to mess up the whole floor with flour, especially that we are tenants in this flat. 

So i poured the flour in a small plastic container, about the size of a shoe box, enough for Isaac's to feel with his hands. 

Isaac then started eating the flour and i stopped him. Not wanting to give up, i poured water into the flour and let him touched them with his hands. Again, he was snacking on the flour. Then he started crying. 

I decided that's the end of it. My son is obviously so NOT ready for this. 

Case 2:  Crayon and colouring
I have started bring Isaac to our local library where there is story telling time for children from 0-5 years old. It's free of charge PLUS mummy get a free cup of Starbucks coffee. After storytime, there is crayon colouring time. 

Being a mum who is "so" keen on her child to explore, i let Isaac hold the crayon and showed him how to colour. Before i knew it, his tongue was stained with green crayon colouring. I cleaned his tongue and took away the crayon. 

Conclusion: he is so NOT ready for this crayon thing, although crayon says it's non-toxic

Case 3: shoe matching
One of the activity is to ask Isaac to find the other shoe that matches. Instead, he run around the house holding the shoe with its shoe lace in his hand. 

Conclusion: he is not interested in matching.. at least not for now.. 


  1. He's soooo funny. But my son also eats the pen and one day I found black ink on his chin/lips and forehead :) Should have taken a photo

  2. Ya... they are alike.... :P


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