Thursday, 18 November 2010

My current work

I have few ongoing "projects" at the moment :
  • learning how to homeschool Isaac ( not really formal homeschool but allowing him to learn through play) 
  • learning Korean language currently at intermediate level
  • studying Montessori, early childhood education distance learning course 
  • garbage collector and recycling them into toys : cartons, toilet rolls etc... 
  • starting Isaac on arts and craft
I now feel a bit like school teacher. Every night, when i sit down, i will go online and search for activities for Isaac to do and to learn through play. I will rearrange the toys and plan what Isaac should be doing the next day, or at least what i hope him to do.

 I read about those great mums who do homeschooling and some who share their creative ideas, PLUS they have a great looking website. Hats off to them.

For the past few nights i have been sleeping at 2-3 am, to learn how to "make up " my blog. It's much harder and time consuming than it looks. Not to mention lots of troubleshooting.What do you think?

Besides making over my blog, i also spent the night reading and learning on how other mothers organised their children's play.

Coming back to Isaac , somehow it seems time pass really quickly. Let's see my ideal plan of the day :
1. read 5 books a day
2. he learn something new everyday
3. isaac get to play with new activities everyday
4. Sing at least 4 songs aday

Of course those are just ideal. i did read him books, 3 is the maximum. He often runs away when i read the third page, but i continue anyway. Where else would he get to listen to mandarin in UK? i speak to him in mandarin while daddy speaks in cantonese.

I started him on some art activities today. The paints are non-toxic and washable. Isaac seems very interested in tasting them. This is what we did today. As this was his first time, he lost his interest very soon. He kept on wanting to suck on the paint roller! i will try something else, maybe just pasting simple things instead of painting.

Isaac's left hand print November 2010
On top of all this, my Montessori assignment is due on 25th November. I haven't even started.

I am pretty occupied...


  1. shyanyih4:52 am

    nicely done :)

  2. My goodness!! This is more than a full time job :) You have to give me lots of tips!!!


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