Thursday, 11 November 2010

Isaac's First Birthday Party

On the 6th November, we had a birthday party for Isaac in our rented flat from 3pm -6pm. It was the right time for Isaac.

Isaac was very busy entertaining his guests... walking around, asking people for food... pulling people's trousers when he wants the food that the guests were eating. He also played with older brothers and sisters from church.

As for me, mothers would normally bake a cake for their son's first birthday cake. I did think of baking him a cake. After a while, i decided my time would be better spent on cooking curry. Ha ha.

 I cooked Malaysian curry using turkey meat from scratch, weighing the ingredients,  blending, chopping, frying, etc... I spent 2 hours on the curry.

It didn't take long for the curry to disappear itself from the pot with friend bee hoon from pastor's wife.

Isaac was indeed very entertaining. Someone got him a nickname too; goldfish. Reason: he ate non stop.

Isaac also had his first taste of chocolate, from his birthday cake. He loved it so much that he pulled my top and tried to reach the bowl himself.

He also performed some stunt. He knew people were watching him. It was funny.

Leather Jacket plus "little harley davidson" the soft version 

Isaac's Stunt for the guests
Isaac showing off his COOL look... Watch the space girls!

It was a good day! Thank You all for coming !!!

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