Saturday, 27 November 2010

Isaac own room-the first week saga

Last Sunday, after church, we decided to move Isaac to his own room. I kinda miss him now that he no longer sleeps in the same room as me.

The only concern i had was he is not used to it. To my surprise, he slept through the night with no cry no hassle.

Just when i thought he was settling well, starting from Tuesday night till today, he woke up few times in the night and cried. Now that he is older, i no longer can just place him on a sleeping position. Now he turn and stand on the cot, look at me with those tearful eyes.. and his cuddle cry. Poor boy. He must have been scared when he woke up in the middle of the night, with no mummy or daddy by his side. So for the past few nights, we have been taking turns to go to him, comfort him, not just once, but few times.

He is now smart enough to stop crying and then start again as soon as we are at the door.

Sometimes it takes 30 minutes, sometimes 45 minutes to settle him and let him fall asleep again.

After all those night of broken sleep , Isaac woke up in the morning being grumpy too. Crying, unhappy eventhough he played with his favourite toy, clinging to me. He was tired not having slept well, but still will not sleep during the day. So i just let him cry for a while before he had his nap. Sometimes i will sleep beside him in his new room, beside meaning i slept on the floor with a duvet and a pillow, then he would go to sleep.
Isaac being stripped off his clothes at home
when he had slight fever.
CHECK out that fever patch on his back

Plus he had his booster immunisation jab on Monday. He had slight temperature few days after the jab.

Plus few new teeth are sprouting from his gum.

So, we are not sure whether it's the new room, or the jab or the teething. Unsure whether the fever was due to jab or teething.

It must be a little of everything.

It's a bit like life too.. nothing is straightforward, especially parenting!


  1. shyan yih6:33 am girl is coming to 2 next month and i havent trained her to sleep on her own yet.....i wonder how will she react when i do because even putting her to her own cot was met with resistance. she's still sleeping next to mommy and daddy sleeps on the floor because there's not enough room on the bed anymore.....dunno whether to laugh or cry.....

  2. Aw... poor daddy... i think it's good to let them sleep in their own bed though.

  3. shyan yih7:02 am

    ya, it sure is good for them to sleep in their own bed. hmm....will wait till i'm mentally not so tired first la. he,he....i wonder how long that would take?? ;)

  4. shyan yih: i think it depends on the child ...


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