Saturday, 13 November 2010

Isaac FIRST swimming lesson

They always say firstborn is special. I do understand now. Undivided attention, lots of time for all types of stimulation, spoilt for choice.

I signed him up yesterday. Surprisingly, there is still place for him. We are with born-to-swim organisation, sea horse level for 1 year and above.The pool was actually in a private school. Wow... rich people who send their kids to private do have those privilege, don't they?

Being the first time going for formal swimming lesson in UK, our boy, expectedly or unexpectedly, we gave him his swimming trunk. Only to find out Isaac is the ONLY one with bare top. The rest of the toddlers wore swimsuit that covers the whole body.
Look at his strong muscles ha ha 

Isaac was cold! As it was his first time, also being near to his afternoon nap time, 1 -1.30pm was the lesson, he enjoyed it initially, then he cried a bit. I was watching while Albert was with Isaac. The instructor teaches by using songs. As they sing song, they splash the water, kiss the water, or wiggle their nose, or kick the water with their feet. Isaac don't understand english.. as we speak mandarin and cantonese at home. He doesn't know what nose is, what is kiss. Looks like we have to start teaching him some basic english words, at least enough to swim.

The instructor told us as he was the youngest, so he couldn't understand a lot of those instructions. It will come with time. The part that Isaac enjoyed most was by sitting at the side of the pool as they sing humpty dumpty sat on the wall, humpty dumpty had a great fall.. then he will jump into the water while daddy catch him. We have to do some homework too at home in the bathtub... "Isaac, Ready. Swim.." and splash water on his face. This is done so he can prepare himself and know that water is coming to him

As Isaac is very adaptable and fast learner when it comes to motor skills i think he will get a hang of it soon.

When we came home, we immediately bought him suit warmer so he doesn't has to be "bare top" next week.


  1. shyan yih9:45 am

    wow, that's soooooo fun. how i wish we have similar programmes in m'sia :(
    he,he, i'm sure Isaac will be a pro in no time :)

  2. Isaac also cried after he drank few mouthful of water la

  3. well done, Issac!! You can teach me swim next time!

  4. well done, Issac. You can teach me swim next time when we meet!

  5. poor boy.. but am sure he'll be loving his swimming lessons sooon :)


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