Thursday, 11 November 2010

Isaac Daily -1 year old +1 week

Various stories behind various ......

Nice food? I would love it too when food is being served this way. Taste good too..

i didn't prepare this.. its toddlers commerical "jar food". Very high standard.

 Was playing with my new toy- camera... and took this. Then this caption came to my mind:

" Mum, i am  a boy, not a girl leh"

Yes, definitely not posing for calendars. Ha

I have been recycling lots of things and let Isaac play with them. My previous post has shown milk carton, formula milk carton, mineral water container used as shape sorter etc..

now using pampers box , Daddy pushed him around in it. He loves it.

Bought this for 99p from charity shop.

Isaac always try to take it off...

didn't last long on his ankle

Being toddler who is constantly moving and walking and climbing, this photo is really hard to come by.

A clear documentation of his teeth: 4 on top, 2 bottom

  We seldom buy clothes for Isaac. We dont mind Isaac wearing hands down... Nice post... now this looks like catwalk... Mr. Mischief!

Can you see that? Albert's attempt in cutting Isaac's hair one day prior to his birthday party.

Why why ?Why that one day before his party?

Look at the "bang"!!

Reminds me of Price Froggy

Isaac's bath time activity is to throw all his rubber duckies out of the bath tub and watch how they land

Nice smiley octopus?

Only when you find out Isaac landed this charming octopus in the toilet bowl this morning.

NO Albert is not giving isaac a lecture. Isaac is staring very very hard at daddy's FOOD.

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