Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Happy First Birthday Isaac !!!

Dearest son,
Happy Birthday!!! The moment you woke up this morning, standing in the
cot, greeting me with a smile this morning, i said Happy Birthday to
you. You had lots of nice treat today.

Beautiful autumn in out front garden on our way out

We treated you to your FIRST
english breakfast at Ikea. You didn't eat as much, but you had your
own child breakfast for the first time. Yes, officially a member of
the Ngan clan.

Hmnn what is that?

Let me feel the food

i am learning to use the spoon like mummy

We also bought you a new mattress for your new bed. Mummy thinks you
are ready for single bed. Daddy bought you a chair. God has blessed
you with a nice flat with child height furniture from the landlord.
Now with the chair, it's perfect for you. In time to come, your feet
will be able to touch the floor but for now, you are quite stuck in
the chair. Yes, it's mummy's way of training you to concentrate and

You also have your new place mat and new plates from Ikea.
Later, i will teach you how to set the table for meals. You have done
very well so far, putting your own dirty plates into the container
guided by mummy. Such a good boy you are.

this is what we found.Thank You Isaac for the new camera that you gave me.I love it.

A trip to Ikea also means no nap for you. You came home and rested few
hours. In the evening, we had family portrait time. Daddy, on your
behalf, bought mummy a new camera to celebrate your birthday. Thanks
Isaac. it's more blessed to give than receive. (*grin*)

During dinner, mummy also treated you with proper ice-cream. One scoop for first birthday la. i added pear with the ice-cream. When you finished, you were still holding on to the bowl and looking for any leftovers.

Well done son.

I pray for God's favour to be upon you, may His face
shine upon you, HIs protection over your going out and coming in. It
is my desire to see that you grow up to be a man after God's heart and
walk in the ways of God. I pray for patience , grace, mercy, strength
and above all, wisdom from God that we will be able to set an example
for you, that we do, in spite of our weaknesses, are able to model the
love and character of Christ in the family.

We love you Isaac.

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