Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Happy First Birthday Isaac -2 !!!

The past one year has been the fastest and the slowest year of my
life. Fastest because from a newborn baby, you have grown into a young
little man. Slowest because it has been hard work for me. Isaac, your
mummy has never worked as hard in her life before you know. Not to say
i am lazy, but it's just a lot of little task to do when you arrived.

I was admitted into hospital after you were overdue by 7 days. I
admitted on Sunday 8pm, and guess what time did you come out and meet
me? Tuesday morning 7 am. Yes it was long. I did not have any
contraction at all, guess you are too comfortable in my tummy, too
much good food ?

You have always been an easy baby. You eat at very regular times,
every 3 hours you will cry, without fail. After you had your milk, you
will then cry also, because your digestive system is not developed.
Then after the crying you will sleep. At 8 weeks, you sleep from 11pm
to 6 am. It has been a blessing to us. You sleep well and eat well, a
happy contended baby. In the first 3 months, you made a lot of noise
when you sleep, like a cow. I couldn't sleep because of the noise you
make. Midwife said it's normal.

At 3 months, you smile and giggle, very very cute. At week 11, you
took your first plane right with mummy, auntie Ai Wei, Uncle Richard
and Isaac Kia. He is 5 weeks older than you. You slept most of the
time. Thank God as i was very nervous to go onboard with you.

At month 4, you can turn your body, and once you landed on the floor
from the bed. Oopps.. sorry isaac, mummy can't catch you in time.It
was not even one turn, half a turn and you were on the floor, as you
were sleeping next to me during morning nap. You also had your first
photo studio shoot at uncle Joshua's studio. You were so sensitive to
the camera and the photos were great. You started salivating and kept
on looking at the food mummy ate. So i started you on baby rice. You
loved your food. You still do now.

AT month 6, i started giving you pureed food. You are very honest
baby. Food that is not pleasant to your taste bud will end up on my
face. In the end, i realised i can't cook so many different
ingredients every meal so you have jar food. It's nutritious and
tasty. I have been very vigilant in checking the ingredient. Don't
worry, mummy is a pharmacist who used to check medicine labels,
medicine dosage, medicine tablets quantity, expiry date etc.. so you
are definitely in good hands. You officially started crawling at end
of month six. Before that, you used your tummy to move about, it's
really funny. Mummy and daddy used to put a toy and tempt you and you
leaped with your tummy. It's all good laugh.

Month 8 and 9 was spent in Hong kong ( 8 months) and in Malaysia.
Thank God you were very adaptable. Space is like as expensive like
gold bars in Hong Kong. The first few nights, three of us slept in one
bed, you lost your space to turn and toss. I remembered clearly that
you were frustrated that you sat yourself up in the middle of the
night and cry. You were looking for a space in between us and there
wasn't much as mummy and daddy also struggled. So in the end, daddy
sacrifically slept in the living room while you slept with me on the
bed. However, because we didn't have a curtain that blocked the
sunlight, you were like a sun to me. You woke up at 5 am every morning
the same time as the real sun. Mummy was tired. We spent a lot of time
in shopping malls compared to the flat. You needed the space and
entertainment. You did well , i must say. You also had your FIRST
SOLID ground landing. Since we slept on adult bed, there was only a
short piece of wood acting like bed guard. There was a tiny gap at the
end where the piece of wood could not cover. At last, our worst fear
happened. You leaned forward through the gap and fell flat face on the
marble ground. Mummy couldn't catch you, it was all too quick. I had a
mini panic attack. I nearly cried out of shock and my heart was
racing. You recovered faster from mummy.

Month 9 in Malaysia was good. Mummy and daddy went to Taiwan for 8
days and left you with por por (Grandmother). We missed you and
thought of you every night when we went to bed in Taiwan. It was our
first time leaving you for such a long time. Mummy is not worried at
all as i know that you are adaptable and easy baby. Por Por enjoyed
time with you. It was your first time on a baby walker. You flew here
and there on your walker across the living room. You had so much fun
because you were free to move to places that you wanted to. Not much
crying at all. You touched things, you travalled on your own ( on your
walker of course *Shhh* ). We went pasar malam, ate durian on the way
up to Cameron Highlands. You loved durian. i suspect it's because it's
sweet. As usual you slept through the night, although it's different
place. Everything will end up in your mouth. There was once you
swallowed a corner of newspaper and the next day you had diarrhea. I
wondered if it was the newspaper or something else.

After your summer break in South east Asia with mummy and daddy, you
returned to your home in UK. Unexpectedly, you didn't recognise your
own house , your own cot. Your cling to me and you cried. i can tell
you felt strange in your very own house. In fact, the first few
nights, you cried in the middle of the night and needed cuddle. It was
only few days, after that you were on your own exploring and clmibing
staircase in the house.

At the end of month 10, you had few babysitters. This was because
mummy and daddy were busy packing the items, your toys, your cot ,
ready to move. We were moving to a flat very close to Daddy's bible
college, so Daddy can walk to school and less tiring for him, and can
have more time with you. You started letting go of your hand and took
1-2 steps at the end of month 9. Started walking 1-3 steps at month
10. End of month 10 you could take maximum of 6 steps. I must say that
you are quite agile and fast when in comes to motor skills and muscles
coordination. Not to forget very brave to let go of your hand too!
It's a joy to watch you walk, sometimes like a penguin, sometimes like
a dizzy baby, but definitely a joy to watch as you explore your world.

At month 11, you were happily settling in our new flat. The living
room is spacious and long, you had plenty of space of walk around and
bump around too. it's all carpeted so you didn't have much major fall,
except the one that you explored the garden. You really loved this new
place because you can walk from living room to bedroom to kitchen to
study room. Mummy can also watch you play in the kitchen with pots and
spoons while she does her dishes.

Finally, you are where you are... 12 months old and had your first
birthday today. I love to see you smile, you cute little two bottom
teeth show themselves, your babbling, your finger licking while
eating, your love for mummy;s food even after you had your dinner.

From a baby, you have done very well, son, developing your motor
skills, language, communication skills. We are proud of you. We thank
God for a son like you. You have indeed brought so much joy to us.
Mummy is growing and learning too, as i learn to care for your needs,
learn to become a mother to you. Thank you for being so forgiving.

Well done my first born son!

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  1. Happy Birthday Isaac!! and well done mummy and daddy for bringing up such an amazing son :)


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