Monday, 1 November 2010

Irene Isaac and Durian

Dengue aside, one of the best thing that i experienced in August this
year was my first EVER experience of eating durian STRAIGHT from the
tree.It happened when my brother was driving us to cameron highland on
Merdeka day (independence day for malaysia).

Wow.. can't describe the taste of the durian.. strong but yet very
smooth.. can actually taste the freshness in the durian. My brother
said some taste milky.

I also gave some to Isaac.. he love it... most probably because it's
sweet i presume.

Since i was traveling with my ever professional photographer brother,
the photos taken were superb. I just love it.

The link for the photos are HERE

1 comment:

  1. harhar.. can't wait to let my son taste durian.. wonder what his expression will be :)


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