Friday, 29 October 2010

Nursery Afterthought

Now that Isaac is turning one year old in a few day's time, Albert and I went to visit one nursery. It's an private nursery within walking distance. 

It was my first time visiting a nursery. After studying a distance learning course in Montessori, it's good to visit a nursery and then visit a Montessori later to see the difference. I like the infant chair for toddle of 1 year old, it's very low and the table is very close to the ground too. 

There are more activities for toddler from 2 years old onwards, like cooking, spanish, wood work, ballet class ( for boys too?), gardening. The nursery is very clean, and the staff have worked there for 10-15 years. Amazing!! 

I feel that i can trust this nursery if my son do go to this one. 

As for the under 2 years old, i observed that they don't do much. The carer mainly do the baby sitting role. 

Our conclusion is that i will spend one more year with Isaac, rather than sending him to nursery, since they don't do much until he is 2 years old. 

After the visit, Albert and I shorten our hair chair by doing surgery on it. My aim is so that he can get in and get out from the chair on his own (Montessori philosophy). I am also looking at floor bed for Isaac. 

Last year was a tough year as there are many changes, with Albert starting to become a full time student, long distance travelling from home to university, me being a first time mum and being bored and frustrated of having to do housework, cope with my husband tiredness and other packages that come with tiredness (*ahem ahem*). 

But now after the move into a 2 bedroom flat, there is so much less cleaning and tidying to do. Albert is so close to university and have more time and we are so much more relaxed. Isaac love this flat as there are lots of space for him to move around. 

Now that he is 1 year old, he is really fun to be with. So i don't mind spending another year with him. I am actually very excited about it, being able to be there when he learns his words... although now all he can say is Daaaa Diiiii, Baaa,, no signs of Maaa... yet.. 

will post a photo of our post-surgery high chair tomorrow

Thanks Ai Wei for the kick on my butt... i have to be more diligent in my blogging.. 

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