Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Moving Status Finale...

After 48 hours of no sleep, well okay, i exaggerated , with 5 hours sleep in 48 hours, we managed to clear the stuff from our old house. Three floors town house, 4 bedroom, 1 reception, 1 kitchen and 4 toilets. Yes, finally, we managed to clear everything from these rooms. 

Thank God for brothers... Albert has 3 other brothers from church to help him move. We rented a van. The interesting part was we have underestimated the things that we have! We rented a smaller van, which we naively thought could fit our piano, isaac's cot, 2 metal filing cabinet and the rest of our stuff. OF course NOT! 

The irony part is that with the limited space , we only brought the essential things, which turned out to be GREAT. We discovered this: we do not need that much. 

I also want to thank God for His provision. We needed to clear the house 

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