Saturday, 30 October 2010

Montessori Craze

I quite buy Montessori philosophy, encouraging practical life activities  like pouring water from a jug, washing, tidying, setting up table etc... from those activities, toddlers are able to refine their motor skills which lay foundation for future.

Albert and I have rearrange our living room and have been frantically searching for infant chair and table. If money is no issue for me, this is what i will buy. It costs £43. I love this, but.. a bit pricey to be used for only short duration. Well, there you go, Isaac you have seen it.

I have been learning as i go along. Hats off to those homeschooling mothers. To be honest, i do not have that confidence. So i am more likely to send him to Montessori school when he is 2 years old. Check this video out. I am truly amazed at the amount of things they can do .. pouring milk, washing, setting table etc..
This is something i am working towards.

Tomorrow is a brand new day and i am trying out new things so isaac can learn through his play. Excited.. 

Another major changes i have done is to let isaac sleep on the floor mat in a quiet corner in the same room as he plays. So when he is tired, he can get to his bed and out of his bed and ready to play when he is ready. No more crying in the crib to ask for help. I am also considering buying this rest mat. I see how he gets on with my self-improvised floor bed before i buy this for him. 

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