Saturday, 30 October 2010

Montessori Application at home

I noticed that Isaac has short span of concentration and is easily
distracted. After some reading and research, i decided to make changes
to his daily activites to increase his concentration. To quote Maria
Montessori: the first essential in development is concentration. She
encouraged carer to interrupt as little as possible when children are
playing or working on something.

Change no. 1: Toys all cleared

i cleared Isaa'c playroom which is our living room of ALL his toy.
This is done so i can direct and guide his toys/activities according
to his needs. I give him one toy at a time so there is less
distraction. Ironically, we have more space after we moved to this two
bedroom flat. The living room is almost empty.

Change no 2: Real thing

A lot of toys are plastic and hence unable to allow him to explore the
texture. Most of his toys now are the things we use in our house and
'"REAL". I did some DIY today.

I recycled Isaac's milk formula carton
and did some cutting. I know there are lots of shape sorter and i have
them too. Isaac is very keen on inserting his toys in container, balls
in different shapes of container and then take it out again. He is
exploring the size and shape. It's good to let him explore more on the
concept of sizes. So i cut two holes, with fit one big and one small
ball, then one cut for teaspoon and various on chopstick.

I also used cow's milk carton to let Isaac insert the chopstick into
the opening. He did much sooner than i expected.

Isaac used this stool as his toy.Very creative.
Guess what fits into this?


He also played with pot and different sizes of lid.
He also enjoyed pulling measuring tape.


Change no 3: Floor bed
i placed duvet on the mat for him to rest

I placed a mat on a corner for Isaac to have his daytime nap in the
same room as playroom. This is done so he can sleep and play soon
after he wakes without having to cry in the crib. He can walk in and
out of the mat on his own.
Since today is the first day, he didn't sleep even though he was
tired. He was distracted. Takes time

Change no 4: baby gym

Saw a video yesterday about the kind of soft play that nursery and
montessori school has. I made use of whatever i have. So i placed the
cushion from the sofa on the floor and it is in between sofa and
armchair. Isaac was very thrilled. He did his workout there.
He climbed up and down with the help of the cushion ( too short to
climb ). Also i leaned the armchair towards the glass so he wouldn't
hurt himself. He had a bruise today from knocking on the wooden trim
between the glass door.

Change no 5: Toys selection

He explored adhesive tape, and of course, ended in his mouth. Thank
God i could retrieve it from his mouth. Who likes the taste of plastic
on their tongue.. except my son...

keys and locks but not interested

Pouring cornflakes from one cup to the other. For obvious reason,
ended up in his mouth. Have to think of other things

Change no 6: Fork instead of spoon

Isaac has been playing with a spoon and trying to scope from the bowl
but nothing ended up in his mouth because he turn the spoon, the other
way round. Today i experimented by giving him the fork, it worked so
well!! He still turn it the other way, but fork being fork, the food
stayed intact and he was able to eat from the fork.

I also tried giving him a plastic knife as i expected him to be
interested in slicing the banana. Isaac being Isaac was just more
interested in the banana than the preparation.

Change no 7: Setting up a table

I tried ... i did.. i tried setting up by placing for and spoon and
cup with a little water on the tray. Isaac brushed everything and
landed them on the floor. He is not ready yet i think. Today i kept on
telling myself he is only 11 months, not even 1 year old, what do i
expect? ha

Change no 8: Clean up

As a step to cultivate this habit, after meal, i showed Isaac by
placing his dirty plate in a container. He followed, but few seconds
later, he retrieved it and wanted to play with it. i stopped him
immediately and told him it's dirty.

I am pleased with the result.

Also, while i was about to wash his milk bottle for his night time
feed, i gave him his bottle and showed him how i washed it using
bottle brush. Having learnt the skill earlier witht he chopstick, he
inserted the brush and happily brushing it , pulling it in and out and
playing with the water. I didn't mind as he was in the kitchen and was
about to bath.

Change no 9: Fully filled bath tub

I decided to use Ai wei method by filling the Ikea baby bath tub to
full as Isaac always stand instead of sitting in the bath tub. He will
throw the plastic floaties out of the bath tub, and watch how they
land on the floor. He always enjoy doing that with his balls and watch
how they spin.
Unfortunately, he still stand up and try several attempts to climb out
of the bath tub.

Change no 10: HIgher , Higher

I have always carried him while approaching the tap to wash his hands.
As it's not possible to have children's heigh tap, i stacked 2 stools
for him. He enjoyed it as he try to grasp the water running from the tap

Change no 11: Quiet time

Isaac is so easily distracted and he always run off whenever i tried
to read to him. So today, i placed him on our modified "high chair"
and the the tray acting as table. We finished few books today. Good


Change no12: Say hello to wellington boots

Thanks to Joyce who kindly gave us this. I put it on Isaac when we
went to explore the lil green patch in front of our flat, but he was
not used to it and dared not walk. I think it's much too big for him.

But it's just so cute.

Wow woww.. so many changes....but Isaac tried all this and he enjoyed them.

Now i will have to prepare for tomorrow activities. Gosh.. feel like a
teacher now... but i want some MEEE time.... !

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  1. You're AMAZING!! all the things that you do for Isaac.. :) very patient too.. to cut out all those shapes..


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