Saturday, 30 October 2010

Isaac last week being 11 months

Dear Isaac

You are just sooooo cute and funny and adorable. You are so fun to be with. =)

You are a very contented and easy baby. Sleep 12 hours straight through the night, day time nap of 2-3 hours. You love food... you eat your food very quickly.  You can play on your own and explore on your own.

You started walking when you were 10 months old, and steady walking when you turn 11 months. You walked everywhere in the house. You have not walked when you are outside the house.

You haven't started pointing to things that you want. You will pull my pants or make some sound. You cry when i do not give you the food that i eat.

Thank you so much for being my son. I pray that you will be a man after God's heart and God will be well pleased with you.

You are turning 1 soon. I am so happy!

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  1. Haha, seems that you're doing well. Well done!


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