Tuesday, 28 September 2010

My current status update

Praise the Lord, last week was really eventful with us preparing to move out of current house, at the same time looking for tenant to rent our current house, preparing the paperwork and confirming the flat that we are renting , taking care of Isaac and working on my Montessori assignment.

My tutor is super efficient. I emailed her my assignment and she gave me her feedback within 24 hours!!! She is from Canada. Hats off!!! (vs British timeframe). I passed. I like the way she gave me feedback, very positive and encouraging.

Thank God for wonderful sisters who have volunteered to babysit Isaac for few days so i can pack and move things. Things are falling into place.

Now, the thought of us moving again in 9 month's time is daunting. We will have to trust God that things will fall into place.

I will have to review the things i am moving, so i can reduce the work that i will be doing in 9 month's time.

My dream is to be able to move in 2 luggage, 20kg , just like how i board the plane.

Albert starts his 2nd year of Theology tomorrow. Past one year has been extremely challenging. Thank God for His grace, i pray that God will be gentle on me on the 2nd year.

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