Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Isaac 10m 3 weeks update


  You are really entertaining and you really learn fast. I am really amazed at the speed you absorb things. You are a very easy baby, you sleep on your own, without any singing or comforting. You drink your milk on the cot, i switch off the light and i leave the room. You will then go to sleep on your own, without much fuss.

   You love observing people. When we are outside, daddy and mummy are almost invisible. You observe others closely and very intently. When we call your name, you seldom respond. You love the sound of other young children and you enjoy their company.

  Yesterday i brought you to the park and you were on a swing. I then taught you High 5 and you have mastered the skills by now.

Typical, what does it taste like son?
  This morning you amazed us with your new learn vocab: Da Di. You woke up, stood up , watched over us and said Da Di in a very clear voice. You have been dadadad- ing for 2 months but these few days you really mean it as you saw your daddy and you called him. I am now waiting for mine. It's good as well, since you called daddy in the morning, i can sleep in while daddy does the work =)

the first time you are on the donkey
   You also know how to look underneath the table or chair to look for your toys. You also know how to take off the cover when i try to hide things under the duvet, or underneath certain things. You will uncover it and take it out. You have a third hand: your mouth. Everything you hold, you touch it with your mouth. You love paper. You have swallowed a corner of newspaper and envelope and church bulletin before. I wonder what it taste like.

  You enjoyed buttons very much. You also move your butt and your body when you hear music. I enjoy watching your movements when the music is being played.

piano scores

you are very absorbed i can see
  Feeding you during mealtime is also a challenge. You dislike sitting on a chair for long periods and get bored very easily. Like auntie Irene Lau said, it's like a circus.We have to keep your attention by giving you something you have not seen before. All the kitchen utensils have been exposed to you and you show no interest in them after you have seen them. All the singing, knocking, cooing, banging can't seem to appeal to you. The only trick i use now is to give you finger food the same time i feed you. You love bread and baby bite biscuit from Malaysia. You are also able to drink water form a cup, not a beaker, not a plastic cup, but tea cup , the one that adult use. This is one thing that i am proud of.

circus time
    Bath time is also a challenge. You refuse to sit. You will stand and touch the things that surround the bath tub, from the tap to shampoo to tiles.
   You dislike the exercise of change of clothes, which i don't enjoy putting on clothes for you as well. You will cry when i try to fit your hands into the clothes. As for nappy, i have started using pull ups as it's so much easier to put it on you since you enjoy standing so much.

  You have also started walking few steps, maximum 6 steps before you land on your big bum like a humpty dumpty. Today you have a bruise on your left cheek, must be from the knocking under my care. you are too quick, before i knew it, you already hit your head on the edge of the glass table. Oops.
Your babysitters are more cautious than mummy. But it's okay, i know that's part of learning.

  Last but not least, you love to bite. You bit my shoulder today and it really hurt and i screamed. You knew it was wrong and you cried.

  Having said all these, you are so much fun to be with. You giggle and you laugh, you will play on your own with the toys, and crawl towards me and wants a cuddle. You love to bite every single thing that comes to you.

  I look forward to much more exciting activities to do with you and bringing you to new baby classes when we move to a new place. i am confident that you will adapt very well.

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  1. Your son is growing up to be fine and intelligent young man!!
    Both our Isaac's are very active babies :) very entertaining but tiring too ya? Circus time is soooo true. Some other suggestions: raisins or cocopops/rice krispies (superb as can just vacuum up after), apple slice, orange slice.. suppose anything that they can eat I find much better than 'toys' :)


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