Wednesday, 16 June 2010


i thought of giving up blogging, but when i look at my first entry, it was in 2002. Though i may not be consistently writing, but this blog has served as a documentary of a big part of me. 

Sometimes i wished i had 1000 readers a day and probably earn big bucks on what i read. 

But for now, i enjoy my little corner, with a few friends reading this and i can really be truthful to myself and have a dialogue with myself. 

I didn't have the heart to wipe out all my 8 years of blog entries. For that, i told myself i have to continue writing, for myself,  and maybe for my son. 


  1. please continue to write. i am reading =)

  2. shyanyih7:54 am

    ha, ha, i guess i'm not alone in wishing that i made tonnes of money from a blog,.....eventhough i don't have one ;)


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