Thursday, 27 May 2010

Your first fever

11th May

I left you with dad while i attended a talk in church on Tuesday night. I came back only to find you had your first fever. It was midnight when we found out you had fever. Thank God both your parents are pharmacist, so you are in good hands.

We were uncertain whether you are able to take Calpol, but you gulped it down like dessert. I was surprise actually. Most probably you were sweet.

You are still a good baby when you are ill. You still slept through like normal. You are only a bit clingy during the day, needing more tender loving care from us.

The following day, mummy fell ill too. My throat was so sore. Both our mucus are yellowy. You had your antibiotics syrup. You too gulped it down.

This is not your first dose of antibiotics. When you were first born, your breathing wasn't that well, so you spent a few hours in ICU and had your IV antibiotics to clear the lungs, gentamicin and co-amoxiclav. Imagine how daddy must have felt when i was in the theatre for stitching while you were in ICU.

You recovered so much quicker than me. Thank God for that.

Today is 26th, you still have some runny nose. The most difficult part is feeding you. The mucus tend to mix with the food. Ha ha. Of course, i definitely wipe them off.

Blame the British weather. One day is summer, the next is winter.

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