Sunday, 11 April 2010

Your grip

At 22 weeks old, you are putting your fingers into good use. You are
learning how to grab things and you never miss any opportunity to
grab, including my hair, daddy's (although short),my shirt and toys.
When i feed you with food, i give you a spoon to play with. You love
to hold it but you have not yet master the skill of where to let go.
Everything that you grab will end up on the floor.

Not only you grab things, you also pinch me and it hurts so much. Your
grip is so strong and i must say you are a strong boy. Everyone who
carries you are not able to carry you for long because their arms will
hurt, including mine and daddy's. Your weight mainly comes from your
bones, very well built boy you are. I told my friends that i do not
need to go to the gym to carry dumb-bell, you are one good one for my
arms exercise. You weighed 7.5kg, 15lb when you were 20 weeks old.

Not only you grab, but you also like to put them into your mouth. When
i place that plastic bib on you, you place the bib into your mouth.
When we bathe you and hold you with our arms, you suck our arms.

You also like to grab your toes and explore them. I think sooner, you
will be placing the toes into your mouth too.


  1. shyan yih9:52 am

    finally :) i get to see ur baby. he's soooo cute. makes me reminisce on when my baby was at that age :)

  2. Yes, the toes will enter his mouth soon :)


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