Friday, 23 April 2010

Your First London Underground ride

22nd April 2010

You had your first london underground ride yesterday. Yes, finally. I
have been avoiding taking you by tube because the air in the
underground is not that clean. Now that you are 6 months, my friends
told me not to be so obsessed.

Besides your first underground ride, it was also your first bible
study. Yes, it was for the women's bible study that we took the
underground. I hesitated as i also had to bring a car seat with me
because auntie Kelly was taking us all the way to redbridge in her car.

This was how your mummy did it. I put you on a sling in front. I
changed my usual baby bag as i needed to carry it on my back as
instead of carrying on my shoulder. Then, i had to carry the car seat.
Daddy showed me the isofix, which is a gadget where we normally click
your car seat onto it, without having to fiddle with the seat belt.
But it was impossible for mummy to carry the isofix. It was super
heavy. Needless to say, it was impossible to bring you in a pushchair
because of the stairs at the underground station.

The walk from our house to the nearest tube station is about 10
minutes. You now weigh 8.3kg. With your weight on a sling at the
front, plus your bag on my back AND the car seat in my arms, it was
impossible mission to walk all the way. So i took a bus to the
station. Although it was a short walk from our house to the bus
station, my arms were aching and screaming for rest already.

Thank God i didn't have to wait long for the bus. The moment i stepped
in the bus, a lady offered me seat. I must looked very bulky! Although
it was only 3 bus stops away from the tube station, i accepted the

I then had to watch my steps when i took the stairs because i
sometimes trip when i walked. Now with you in front, you will be the
first to fall if mummy had a slip. Thank God it all went well.

When we took the tube, you were very curious. You turned your head
from side to side non stop. You stared everywhere, from the ceiling to
the floor. You also showed signs of tiredness as it was 9.15am, your
usual morning nap. Because you were uneasy with sitting, i stood up so
you could see more.

When we finished our ride, auntie Kelly picked us up in her car. I
placed the car seat in her car and placed you in. Clumsy mummy knocked
your head at the rim of the door, but you didn't cry long. Sorry i
will be more careful next time.

Once you sat in the car, you slept.

The rest of the time you were a good boy at bible study. At the end
of our session, you were too tired and you slept in the car seat.

It was mummy's first attempt of bringing so many things and travelling
with you on a tube without a push chair. Turned out it was alright !

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