Sunday, 11 April 2010

Triple 5

Today is our New Soho Congregation 5th anniversary. We were glad that
you were here with us. Triple 5 because you are 5.5 month old now.
You are such a happy baby, always so smiley, even with people whom you
are not familiar with in church, you still smile at them. Son, i am
so proud of you.

You were extremely sleepy today, but you are such a good boy. You
didn't cry much, you just kept rubbing your eyes. You stayed till the
last moment, where we had family photo as a church. Mummy and daddy
dashed downstairs with you. I had you in my arms and asked the
photographer to wait for us. We got the first row, with our church's
birthday cake. Uncle Adrian held you in his arms. You smiled at the
camera. After that, we placed you in the pushchair, and you slept
without fuss. You received lots of praises today saying how friendly
and happy you. When we got home, you were totally exhausted by today's
event. You didn't even finished your milk for dinner and you just slept.

Son, you are such a GREAT blessing to us. It's such a joy watching you
grow and to just be with you.

May God continue to has His favour upon you as you grow into the
likeness of His image. May God give mummy and daddy wisdom to bring
you up in the ways of God.

Tonight, mummy and daddy prepared a jigsaw foam for you on the floor
so you can roll and turn and not hurt by the cot.

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