Monday, 19 April 2010

Spring is here

Weather has been great for the past 2 weeks. Spring is finally here.
Plenty of sunshine and yet it feels like there is a natural air-
conditioner. Mummy brought you out almost everyday. I brought you to
wood green and also to clissold park. You looked bored in the
pushchair until i brought you to see other little children played in
the playground.

After 2 days of going out, mummy fell ill. My throat were very sore
and i was also infected. I was very tired and sleepy and i took
antibiotics. Yet, there is no sick leave for me. I wanted to rest on
the bed and surrender and wish someone else can take care of you for
few hours so i could rest but i didn't have that luxury. This was when
i feel being a mum is truly a no-holiday job. Working is much easier.

Thank God i recovered quite fast. I dose myself with everything, from
manuka honey, multivitamin, fish oil. Thank God for the fast healing.

We also had lots of visitor last week: Henry, Tim, Auntie Irene,
Jaycee, melissa, nicholas and wah chui. They all agreed that you are a
very independent baby and praised you for falling asleep on your own
when i put you in the cot.

You also had your first picnic in Clissold park. Mummy baked japanese
cheese cake and brought it to the park. You seemed to be very
interested too. I gave a small bit for you to try.

This is such a great weather. Sometimes you fall asleep when i push
you to the park. Sometimes you show signs of sleepiness with constant
rubbing your eyes and crying but you just refused to sleep. You kept
on flipping and playing with the toy. I then have to put you in the
pushchair and go out for a brief walk. You fell asleep straight away.
When we reached home, i leave you in the push chair so you could sleep

I feel alive again when spring is here. I can bring you out and you
can observe and explore the world.

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