Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Happy 0.5 years old

Today you are exactly 24 weeks since 3rd November 2009. So technically
you are 6 months old, but daddy said it's by months. Nevertheless,
it's still good to celebrate.

You have grown so much in just six months. I also managed to bake a
cake, japanese cheese cake with you. Yes, you were sitting in a high
chair in the kitchen and watched me stir the egg white until it was
stiff and i put it in the oven. I explained to you what i was doing
along the way and you smiled at me. You were very patient.

I am still learning and experimenting how to make food for you. Today
was my first day making porridge the chinese way. I put carrot, a bit
of pork, red pepper and potato in the pot and cooked it.
Unfortunately, it didn't turn out well. The porridge remains as
porridge, carrot remains as carrot. The carrots and the rest of the
ingredient were not even mashed!!! I thought it doesn't matter since i
am going to puree it with a blender. i did and i fed you with it, you
didn't like it. You took few mouths and you cried.

I also made dessert for you for the first time. I used Greek style
yoghurt and pureed apple. It was sour. Your expression was so funny!!
I will make sure i have camera to capture your facial expression. I
added banana to add to the sweetness. You took it.

In the evening,i didn't give up. I cooked the porridge over the gas
stove again for about an hour. Again i blend it. This time i only took
a little from the main pot, added cow's milk and rice powder to
thicken it. You took a few and cried.

Well well, i have to try something new again tomorrow.

You are so much fun to be with. You smiled more than you cry. When you
wake up, you greeted me with a smile. I am still sleepy most of the
time in the morning, you played in the cot on your own while i had a
prolong rest.

Praise God for you Isaac, you had brought us so much joy =) A video of today video

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