Wednesday, 28 April 2010

All in a day

Wednesday 28th April

Daddy has no class today, so daddy and mummy went out on a date, with you of course!
Early morning, mummy was so sleepy due to last night late night prayer meeting while daddy couldn't help but captured your your beautiful sleep posture with morning sunlight.

After you woke up, we went to Finsbury park and had a nice walk. You also had your morning nap in your "car".

Embarassed to say, after living here for 4 years, this is the first time mummy and daddy visited Finsbury park. Weather was great, with lots of trees and flowers.

We also did some shopping with you. YOu loved being on the supermarket trolley. You can see lots of things and there is nothing blocking your view. We bought ten jars of baby food for you, unsure which one you like.

The colour of the baby food was not that great but you seemed to enjoy it.

We also did a Family self-protrait. It was difficult to catch you as you wanted to grab the camera so much! But it was fun.

Thank God for such a great family day!

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