Friday, 28 August 2009

My Canteen

i am 31.5 weeks now and i have lost my appetite to eat my own food...probably due to lack of creativity and laziness ! ha
so recently my canteen has been this Malaysian Malay restaurant , 10
minutes away from my home called

Puji-puji restaurant at balls ponds road, near hackney.

The beef Rendang is definitely my favourite.. lots of spices in there
and it's not expensive..

my next fav, the one i have almost every time i go there is their
grilled fish in banana leaf over charcoal... like BBQ... malay is
called Ikan Bakar... it's spicy and sour... lovely !!!

i also like their curry laksa.. different version from the Kuala
lumpur one, less chili and you can taste the shrimp in it.

Albert's favourite is my favourite (of course ) Ha ha.. He also like
lamb shank.. huge one and it only costs £9!!

Price is very reasonable. Business is good because everything is
real.. made from blended spices.

Definitely worth more than a trip for you.. if you want to taste real Malay food
in London.

As for now, as long as me and my lazy-to-cook mood.. it has been my canteen la.

All photos by Yik Yu, my primary school friend, except the last 2 of my artistic attempts. The green Ice shredder and Albert with his machine

The huge lamb shank cost only £9 while Albert the kid is busy with his spider game
It's obviously bigger than my mouth la

Teh O ice...
Teh tarik ginger , like capuccino , look at those froth

Only Malaysian use fork and spoon as for Albert, he is definitely fork and knife person

Yik yu asked mommy or kid? Of course kid la

Another kid
My artistic attempt 1.. got potential la

My artistic attempt 2

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Talented experienced wedding photographer-willing to travel incld overseas

Experienced talented wedding photographer ( who is none other than my
brother -Joshua Tan) at kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Idees Photo Studio

Contact: +6019 266 3002

Looking for wedding photographer?

It comes once in a lifetime and you want it to be in Trusted hand...

iDEES Photo Studio from Kuala lumpur is someone you can trust..

Joshua Tan, none other than my brother is the one you need.

Also available to travel all over...

contact +6019 266 3002

HAIR STYLIST: JOSHUA TAN- oh yes.. also a very talented hair stylist!

Kids photography by Idees Photo KL

Kids are growing quicker than you think?

Want to capture those times?

Idees photo studio from kL will be able to help you.

photographer: Joshua Tan
contact +6019 266 3002

me at week 29

Well well .. time flies.. i am now week 29. Been wanting to snap photo
of myself...

now it's the time..

Baby's 3rd growth scan-Week 29

I went to see the doctor as a routine in hospital. She felt my tummy
and said it's a bit small.

So she referred me for a scan of the baby to make sure the baby is
growing accordingly.

With that, i met my baby for the 3rd time. All the measurements are
average and baby is growing consistently. IT now weight 1.066 kg.

Well done baby.

Baking hormone

i had this sudden impulse and interest in baking. So i did. I was
baking twice a week for few weeks.

It was great fun. My primary schoolmate, Daphne come to stay with me
for 2 nights and so both of us went into serious baking. We baked
carrot cake, creamcheese strudel and chestnut gateau.

Then there's my piano student, Ellen and we baked Ottelenghi brownies
and carrot cake.

So that few weeks between june and july was baking period.

Now i have lost it.. butter are stacking my fridge...

Yue siew was the supervisor la
This is the recipe
This is our masterpiece.. very close to the real one la

yummy muffin in the making
ALbert tried it and....
it's FANTASTIC!!! video
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