Saturday, 3 October 2009

36 weeks plus 6 days pregnant

The longest 4 weeks in my life. Half of me wish baby comes early,
another half of me want to enjoy the "freedom" while i can.

When i was 34 weeks, i had severe pain in my pelvic bone, they called
Turning my body when i sleep is almost impossible and the very thing i
dread is visitng the toilet in the middle of the night. The pain is
just excruciating. I am not even in labour.

Doctor referred me to physio. Guess what? No appointment, all fully
booked. So the physiotherapist gave me a tubigrip, like a elastic
bandage to be put around my hip area to help reduce the weight on my
pelvic bone. I had it on the next day, and i ended up with some
bruises in my belly, guess it was too tight.

Some sister in my church was kind enough to give me a maternity belt
and it's much better than tubigrip.

I rested more and stayed at home most of the time, designing earings,
and learningi how to make them and learning how to cook and bake. So i
have been very hardworking. Mum says if i am lazy, my babe is likely
to be a lazy bumm.

now that i am almost 37 weeks, the pain is better during the day but
still bad during the night. I tried to drink less water, somehow visit
to the loo is still a must. *sigh*.

well been praying that labour will go accordingly, and baby will come
at God's perfect timing.

Meanwhile, my house is looking good, full of life, all prepared for
the small person.

P/S: Albert and I still haven't figured out how to take the baby car
seat out from the Isofix. :P

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