Wednesday, 2 September 2009

32 weeks

well well.. praise the Lord that i have been sailing through my
pregnancy. I have nothing to complain since i can eat well,sleep well
and i am comfortable.The whole pregnancy so far has been quite pleasant. Started having some leg cramp, at the calf early in the morning when i was about 26 weeks, then i started eating banana. Once i ate banana, no more leg cramp. I don't eat much, just once in a while. Banana has potassium which helps with leg cramp.

From now on, i aim to walk one hour each day to prepare my muscles for labour. Today i had my quota by shopping in Ikea and Tesco.Quite glad that we bought a printer 3 in 1,then i can print baby's photos la.Had a good time hanging around with friends in Ikea also.

Been eating a lot more when i eat out.. and i find my appetite much better when i am
eating out (Obviously , Ha! ).NOT to mention that yummy OSTRICH BURGER that i had at josiah's bbq! My stomach grew bigger the very next morning.

Photos from 30 th August, lunch at Belgo, a belgium restaurant in London.

Having said that, Albert did the very thing that i couldn't.. he ate
my share of CANADIAN LOBSTER!!! i WAS SOOOO JEALOUS!!! better not
touch lobster la... just in case baby's skin will be affected.. so
they say.. just 8 more weeks.. hopefully baby:you'll be out in my arms

Nice one! I am not normally like that la.. i am so-not a lady in the market!

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