Thursday, 20 August 2009

Second trimester

After few trip to hospital for the heart check up and baby scan...
life is good. Been to 3 BBQs and each time i came back from BBQ, i
realised my tummy grew the next day. Ha.. excuses to eat more!
Who is pregnant? ALbert's "tummy" was as big as mine ( since then he has been on diet haha )
I was busy eating.. all those lovely food!
Home grown precious cherry from our friend's garden.

I am working in a pharmacy near my house. I quite like it as it's a
good balance between resting and enjoying being at home and going to
work. I work around 10 hours per week, the money is really enough to
buy pampers and maybe milk la... not enough to pay bills of course.
Nevertheless, this is a gift from God, having more time in my hands,
which i admit i haven't been putting into very good use and i should
read more bible or spiritual books.

I eat beef steak once a week,,, which Albert lovingly cook for me with
his new gadget : George Foreman. Dinner has never been so simple.. 3
minutes and meal is ready!

By now, i am six months into my pregnancy. It's great.. i am able to
eat and sleep.

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