Thursday, 20 August 2009

My first recorded heartbeat -week 21

It seems that my palpitation is quite loud as i can hear my heart
pounding, especially when i lie down. Midwife wrote me a referral so i
had ECG done.

WOW ECG.. i read so much about it and i've never thought it's my turn
to do one. Even when i did it, i thought it was just going to be
another routine check, i will be alright.

BUT!!!! I WAS shocked at the result ... sinus tachycardia, abnormal..

meaning i have fast heartbeat.

Apart from ECG, i also had 24 hours holder where i went to the
hospital, and they stuck few electrodes on my chest and i had it for
24 hours. During the whole 24 hours, my heartbeat was recorded.

i wore a V-nect top and those electrodes was quite obvious.. and i
walked all the way to the bus stop with those few wires hanging
down... well.. i really felt like a patient... if i knew, i would have
worn a big shirt over!

The result came out that 33% of the time throughout the 24 hours my
heartbeat was fast.

What does that mean? i don't know.. now they are referring me to do
an Echogram.. meaning a scan of my heart.

well well... the only thing i am concerned about is that my heart will
beat too fast when i am in labour...

have to leave it in God hands... it's quite common in pregnancy...

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