Thursday, 20 August 2009

21 weeks scan

Me at pregnancy week 21. Still very slim la

things are getting better, i have less sickness and it's time to meet
my baby again.

My tummy is still not showing a lot .. and i still tend to worry
whether the organs are fully formed and healthy. This scan will tell

Albert went with me.

When i went in, the baby's head was not in the right position, so
sonographer was unable to take the head's circumference. So she asked
me to drink some water and walk a bit. i left the room , walked and
dance to move my hip a bit so the baby will change its position.

We entered the room for the 2nd time, the sonographer even tilt the
bed that i was lying so the baby;s head could turn. Still unable to
take measurement.

We went out, walked and prayed that the baby's head would turn.

Entered the room for the 3rd time, thank God.. by this time, the
baby's head has turn and the measurement was taken.

Baby now weighs 360g. Femur length is below average, about 32 mm, i
hope it grows longer before due.

well done baby. finally got to measure your head!

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