Monday, 29 June 2009

Our First Meeting with the babe-Week 16

they say seeing is believing. Although faith is not about seeing, i do
find that pregnancy is a journey of faith.

How do i know my babe still has heartbeat? i don't, i just have to
leave it in God's hand day by day.

They say from day 1 of pregnancy , the day you become a mum, you will
never stop worrying. They are so right. I do worry.

My stomach doesn't show at all. I don't even look pregnant. I can't
help looking around, my colleague baby is as old as mine, her stomach
was showing.

I still give my seat to others in the tube, although i am "qualify!
for the seat already.

finally 12th of May was here. That was my 16 week pregnancy. I was
looking forward to it. I was meeting my baby for the first time.

People normally have their scan at 12 weeks, but mine got delay with
the diagnosis , GP referral. etc. It was good though, i didn't have to
drink and inflate my bladder with water for the scan.

My first meeting wtih the baby was great. The photos was cleary taken
as "it" was in a perfect posture. I was thrilled. I had the photo in
my handbag and carried it around with me, like a proud mum, showing

Well Done Babe, such a great photo!

Good, i have seen it, my baby is healthy, and its normal that my
stomach was still flat.

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