Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Happy sleeping London

I was amazed that the sky was bright at the far end
the snow began on Sunday night.

I forgot my sorrow on Friday with the outpouring of snow on MOnday! I left at a perfect timing, my ex-colleague told me

I was like a child, waking up and was excited to see myself surrounded by snow

The first official day was great, as there was heavy snow and the
whole London was put to a still. I loved the stillness of the city. On
boxing day i felt the same. It was just so peaceful, as if the whole
town is sleeping.

check out our garden!

Then breakfast time, we had such great background!

tulips from colleague, coffee was Malaysian coffee contained in a starbucks mug, Ha! such pleasure

Even my rubbish bin looked very beautiful that morning

Albert and I had a great time playing in Clissold park, taking
picture, rolling snowball to make snowman.

It was both albert and my
first time of making snowman. Silly me, i didn't realise snow ball was
actually heavy! As the snow was fresh, i also tasted those snow from
sky with my tongue. Ha!

in the meantime, what others are doing..

the snow was so heavy!
someone made this mega mega huge huge snowball that we had to climb up and we could touch the branches! So cool!

check out the doggie... a series of 3 photos
looking for something?
running after something

Then it started getting dark....

When it was dark, we wanted more., So we spent another 2 hours
building another snowman using the ice in front of my house. It was great!

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