Monday, 19 January 2009

Prison Break 3: Lantau Island 大澳

Our elderly friends are so nice to us that they also organised a trip just to show us Lantau Island 大澳. We didn't go to the central of Lantau Island to watch Buddha etc, not interested. We went to this place called 大澳 Tai O:

"Tai O, also known as "The Venice of the Orient", is the largest settlement on Lantau Island. Crisscrossing canals run the length and breadth of the small fishing harbor. "

Let me take you through our walk. We saw a prison on our way to Tai O.
This is the prison. Such good location!

When we arrived at Tai O, we were greeted by fishing boats.

When we arrived, we have to cross a long bridge. The view was amazing along the bridge.

Can you see the beautiful elegant creature there? Posing?
This is a great contrast, if only i have wider lens. He is fishing, oblivious to the surrounding. The man made buildings pale in comparison to the creation of God.

Then we went to visit the cousin of our elder friends who own a restaurant.
We walked passed a garden with home grown vegetables..

City boy and girl like us were smelling some leaves with fragrant.
and we saw some love letter...

Yes, glorious food! The food was great, espcially the salted chicken. After wrapping the chicken , they actually buried it with sea salt. So the chicken tasted like salted smoke chicken. Then there was this vegetarian fish, made of Yam but in the shape of fish. The fist looked so chubby and adorable that i was a bit reluctant to eat it.
You see what i mean?Such adorable yam fish.. =)
After lunch, albert and I went in search for wild dolphins.Tai O is unique because the wild dolphins hang around the sea surroung this island. It cost HKD 20 on a boat ride per person.Unfortunately, winter was not the season.

The tour on the boat was worth HKD20. We were drove to far out away from the island. One of the attraction is this rock which resembles a captain.

As we were on the boat,when the wind blew, i felt that i was about to fall into the ocean. Then i saw this small boat with one person fishing. At that moment, my heart went out to the fishermen. It's a dangerous occupation.

With that 20HKD, we also get to tour around the "oriental venice".
"Homes built on stilts over the water are a common sight here. Tai O was once a garrison town but has now become a peaceful fishing harbor. Salted fish is a local specialty." from travelchinaguide

Apparently there are 2 types of houses: one is made of aluminium, which is burning hot in summer and some has moved on to brick wall.

How is one able to stand the heat in summer ? i wonder...

Last but not least, shopping time!
Not my usual definition of shopping for clothes or iphone.. but shopping for dried fish.Lots of dried salted fish and abalone and shark fins. Our friends bought two big bags each home!
The customers will point from the bridge and the man will weigh the fish and pass it to the customers.
Dry shark, please take a photo it says.

After looking at this huge shark fin, i felt bad for eating it.. poor shark =(

This photo is classic, my favourite:

On our way home, auntie bought us some yummy desert:

The interesting part of this desert is that : theh name of the leaves that are used for making this desert sounds the same as chicken poo. It's the same leaves that albert was smelling in the photo above.

Then we saw this sign board that one of the street is called 番鬼塘,Fan Kwai Tong in english that is the word used to describe westerner, click on the photo for clearer view:

Great day, great company, great weather.Nice and kind aunties and uncle.
I will go back there in summer again, just to see if i can watch those wild dolphins.

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