Monday, 19 January 2009

Prison Break 2: Hiking at 6am

Continuation from prison break 1

After exam torture, our retired/elderly friend was kind enough to bring us for a hiking at a water reservoir. She told us the walk is about 1 hour.

We woke up at 5 AM... YES 5 AM! Then we left the house in pitch dark, took a cab and arrived the foot of the hill at 6 am. The other elder couple was waiting for us. We started walking.. in pitch dark.. this was my first life time experience.. trekking in the dark. Uncle also had a radio with him, which is very nice. Kept us alive ha !
We were the youngest but we were the slowest!! So embarassing!

Eventually the whole journey took 3 hours! It's all worth it. We had a great fun. After that , we went for dim sum with them. Their treat. They are always so nice to us young people hehe.

My favourite: Trees!
That was the view from above. Then we went to the reservoir.. amazing!

This looks like a mineral water commercial! ha

Family photo time! I was so tired after 3 hours!

After 3 hours of hard work, our friends also treated us to Dim Sum. How nice! They treat us young people very well!

The bad news was the ankle that i spraine from basketball got worst after this trip. Poor Albert has to put up with my mourning and massage my trotter!

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