Friday, 23 January 2009

One life One thing/One mission/One passion

Yesterday after reading Lance Armstrong by Karen Cheng, something came to my mind:
we only have one life, and we should only focus on doing ONE thing/one mission.
say when we mention Mother Theresa, one thing came to mind: love and care for the weak and poor
Heath Ledger: actor
Obama: President
Irene Tan: ?
Some people find their One thing/mission at a young age. When they have found it, they are like fish in water.
Some people may do lots of other things until they arrive at that One Mission/passion of their lives
Some people never found their one mission of their lives because they don't even bother
I do want to work on One Mission/passion in my life. Living for One purpose and makes a difference.
Pharmacist who found or develop some new drug? Nope, far from it as i didn't have the change to expore PHD.
Singer? nope, can't sing although i wish i could..
Pianist? nope, not as brilliant as Lang lang
What options is left? i am on my way exploring..


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